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Advent Day 8: Ain't No Cure for Love

There’s nothing pure enough to be a cure for love…

It's written in the scriptures

It's written there in blood

And I even heard the angels declare it from above

There ain't no cure, there ain't no cure, there ain't no cure for love

Ain’t No Cure for Love, Leonard Cohen (Cover by Ane Brun)


I love this song a lot, and Ane Brun’s cover is achingly beautiful. Without meaning to sound too cheesy, this love song rings with a lot of theological truth. At the climax of its narrative, our protagonist walks into an “empty church”, because this is the only place that brings any comfort. Here she finds some peace in knowing that God also knows the devastating pain of heartbreak. ‘Ain’t No Cure for Love’ could equally be the title of the Christmas story; for Jesus is the embodiment of God’s incurable love for humanity.

Cohen’s lyrics are a wonderful reminder of the depth of God’s love for us, a love that is “written in the scriptures” and “written there” in the blood of Jesus. The revelation that “nothing” is purer than love is the very heart of the gospel message. We live in a world of broken hearts and relationships, but we have now been given Love Himself, Jesus Christ, “Son of God, love's pure light” (Silent Night).


This is part of my LittlePonderings series: "Unseasonal Songs: An Alternative Advent in Song Lyrics". You can find out more here.

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