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Hello! I’m Ella... Welcome to Little Ponderings!


In my spare time, I enjoy drinking hot chocolate whilst sometimes staring into space… and occasionally writing my thoughts down…hence this blog.

My ponderings on here explore the intersection between faith and culture. Each post begins with some words (from somewhere) that have stirred my heart or thoughts.


My ponderings may sometimes feature more questions than answers, and my interpretations of books/films/TV/music are simply my own explorations of their material, rather than comments on the creator's intentions. Whilst I may not always offer clear-cut conclusions, all of my ponderings are underpinned by my Christian faith. 

I hope that whatever faith you have (or however little), you find this blog an encouragement to you on your own pondering journeys…May you find hope, truth, joy, mystery, and answers along the way!

(You can find my random updates on Instagram @littleponderer.) 

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